Obolon Residences private closed territory and its benefits


Closed territory and security – this year became one of the main criteria in choosing a residential complex. For Obolon Residences residents it is a common thing, because from the very beginning we took care of 24/7 security service, access control system, 400 cameras and an exclusive video surveillance system. And the Service company cares about cleanliness, disinfection and comfort.

Although the external territory of the complex seems small, but there is a modern playground, recreation area, outdoor exercise equipment and a multifunctional sports ground, where our residents hold friendly volleyball and football tournaments in summer and learn to play tennis with a personal trainer. This area – closed and well-groomed – is only for our residents.

However, care and security do not end right at the door of Obolon Residences. The Service company monitors the park and recreation area near the complex every day. Incredibly beautiful flowers and grasses are planted here, the territory is cleaned and renewed, and this year we installed a fence that closes the steps-benches at the foot of the complex at night and provides our residents with peace and quiet healthy sleep!