Innovative technologies

We highly appreciate the comfort and safety of our residents!

You can enter Obolon Residences and the adjacent territory only using a digital entry badge. The whole complex has 80 access controllers and 400 video cameras. Exclusive video surveillance and 24-hour security will not allow unwanted guests to bother You.

The innovative Smart Home System covers all technical infrastructure of residential complex. The installation of Smart home features inside of the apartment is performed during the repair and renovation processes. 

An intelligent elevator control system was installed in the residential complex for the first time in Ukraine. The system is able to provide the most suitable elevator for your trip, significantly reducing the waiting time. The elevators are decorated with natural wood and marble and have a speed of 1.75 m / s. There is also a special technical lift that allows to transport everything necessary for apartment remodeling, avoiding the lobby.

Hot water and heating are supplied from the most advanced independent gas boiling room, located on the roof of the first section. The transforming substation is connected to two independent electric networks, so in case of emergency one of the networks is automatically switched to another.

The house has the most modern garbage disposer with photocells, special press, cleaning and disinfection system. 

The residential complex has a modern fire safety system with the function of early detection of fires and alerts to residents and the service company, as well as the function of signaling to the fire authorities.

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