Three-room - Type 1

This is an ideal place for a couple with kids. A great cozy kitchen with dining room underlines the family style of the apartment, adjoining to a big living room where you may enjoy movies after dinner and easily turning into a playroom for the little ones. The 17.31 sqm hallway will accommodate several wardrobes. The sleeping area is located discretely, separated by a large bathroom and a cloakroom so each family member may enjoy his own privacy.

This apartment faces east, west, and is available in the 3-23 floors of Section 1.

1 floor
1. Kitchen/Dining room19.33 sqm
2. Living room24.78 sqm
3. Bedroom17.17 sqm
4. Bedroom17.22 sqm
5. Cloakroom1.04 sqm
6. Bathroom4.54 sqm
7. Water closet1.75 sqm
8. Foyer17.31 sqm
9. Doorway5.84 sqm
Total area 108,98 sqm
Projected area 108,9 sqm
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