One-level penthouse - Type P2

This stylish luxurious penthouse is like a private house with a great spacious layout. It has a well-designed living area for family and a reception area for guests. A living room is combined with a kitchen and a dining room – together it is more than 70 sq.m. Here you can easily arrange even a big party!  Your family will appreciate the spaciousness and comfort of two bedrooms, a study and two large bathrooms. A great choice!

1 floor
1. Foyer17,91 sqm
2. Dressing room2,28 sqm
3. Kitchen19,10 sqm
4. Loggia5,00 sqm
5. Living room29,56 sqm
6. Dining room23,18 sqm
7. Bedroom16,50 sqm
8. Terrace26,90 sqm
9. Loggia5,00 sqm
10. Bathroom7,87 sqm
11. Study19,79 sqm
12. Bathroom7,53 sqm
13. Dressing room10,02 sqm
14. Bedroom30,99 sqm
Total area 221,63 sqm
Projected area 197,8 sqm
  • Plan 1 level apartment
  • Floor plan