Two-room - Type P1

This penthouse is a godsend for young families: here both adults and children will feel comfortable and independent. Two comfortable bedrooms with shared bathroom form a private space for individuals' comfort. Meanwhile the guest area is designed for the whole family leisure and meetings with friends. Huge kitchen-living room with panoramic window allows this apartment claim to be the most hospitable flat in Obolon Residences' collection.

The apartment is available on 22nd and 23rd floor of Section 2. The windows face west.

1 floor
1. Hall 8.77 sqm
2. Bathroom 5.07 sqm
3. Kitchen / Dining Room 26,50sqm
4. Bedroom 19,37 sqm
5. Bedroom 19,31 sqm
6. Bathroom 4.18 sqm
7. Corridor 6.56 sqm
8. Balcony 4.07 sqm
Total area 93,83 sqm
Projected area 90,98 sqm
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