Executive penthouse - Type 1

This astonishing 296.04 sqm penthouse is our total tribute to luxury. It boasts two full-fledged living spaces, each flourishing with exclusive features and smart layout solutions. The first floor opens with a spacious hallway and includes a lounge area, attached to a large kitchen and a dining room. A secluded bedroom on the first floor provides total privacy for its inhabitants. Spacious living room, united with a relaxation zone at the second floor, is an ideal setting for cocktails and friends gatherings or spending time with the family. To accommodate your guests, there are two more bedrooms with separate bathrooms, located on the second floor. All the rooms of this sumptuous penthouse provide for breathtaking views of 3 different sides of the city thanks to its exclusive location and an Obolon Residences classic floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows opening into sublime balconies, which belt both floors of the apartment.

This 2 level executive penthouse and is available in the 25th and 26th floor of Section 1 and has its own terrace on the roof. The windows face north, west and east.

1 floor
1. Kitchen/Dining room19.27 sqm
2. Bedroom22.74 sqm
3. Bathroom4.48 sqm
4. Cloakroom1.20 sqm
5. Dining room17.13 sqm
6. Lounge zone20.04 sqm
7. Water closet1.67 sqm
8. Foyer13.38 sqm
9. Doorway5.84 sqm
10. Terrace19.50 sqm
11. Terrace11.07 sqm
2 floor
1. Bedroom20.83 sqm
2. Bedroom18.55 sqm
3. Bathroom4.44 sqm
4. Bathroom4.10 sqm
5. Living room20.74 sqm
6. Leisure zone27.60 sqm
7. Terrace49.70 sqm
8. Terrace14.60 sqm
8. Terrace on the roof66.04 sqm
Total area 362,92 sqm
Projected area 250,3 sqm
  • Plan 1 level apartment
  • Plan 2 level apartment
  • Roof plan
  • Floor plan