Two-level penthouse - Type P5

You will appreciate this penthouse for its laconism and well-designed layout. There are a spacious living room, combined with a kitchen-dining room, and two bedrooms on the first floor. The second floor consists of a living room with a separate study and two more bedrooms.

Here you can easily organize an ideal private space for all family members! And on warm evenings, you can enjoy gorgeous sunsets together with your friends and loved ones on your own roof terrace. A perfect choice!

1 floor
1. Foyer17,38 sqm
2. Living room21,47 sqm
3. Toilet2,11 sqm
4. Kitchen18,50 sqm
5. Bedroom19,23 sqm
6. Bathroom3,46 sqm
7. Dressing room2,09 sqm
8. Bedroom6,99 sqm
9. Dressing room3,64 sqm
10. Bedroom23,97 sqm
11. Balcony7,18 sqm
12. Foyer7,10 sqm
13. Study9,53 sqm
14. Living room30,41 sqm
15. Bedroom19,32 sqm
16. Bathroom5,38 sqm
17. Bathroom6,89 sqm
18. Dressing room3,59 sqm
19. Bedroom23,91 sqm
20. Balcony7,83 sqm
21. Mezzanine26,48 sqm
22. Stairs4,60 sqm
23. Winter garden16,53 sqm
24. Storeroom4,63 sqm
25. Roof terrace56,21 sqm
Total area 348,43 sqm
Projected area 298,6 sqm
  • Plan 1 level apartment
  • Plan 2 level apartment
  • Roof plan
  • Floor plan