Two-level penthouse - Type P1

This astonishing penthouse is our total tribute to luxury. It’s full with exclusive features and smart layout solutions. The first floor opens with a spacious hallway and includes a lounge area, attached to a large kitchen and a dining room, and three bedrooms. On the second floor there are also a separate lounge room and four bedrooms. There is a plenty of space for a big family and guests! And finally – an own huge lounge terrace on the roof with spectacular views to the three sides of the world. Very luxurious!

1 floor
1. Foyer27,03 sqm
2. Dressing room2,50 sqm
3. Bathroom3,57 sqm
4. Bedroom21,40 sqm
5. Dining room26,96 sqm
6. Terrace25,59 sqm
7. Living room29,20 sqm
8. Kitchen25,54 sqm
9. Loggia10,00 sqm
10. Dressing room4,21 sqm
11. Bathroom6,65 sqm
12. Bedroom29,13 sqm
13. Bedroom18,34 sqm
14. Balcony9,67 sqm
15. Foyer30,35 sqm
16. Bedroom25,58 sqm
17. Terrace58,65 sqm
18. Bedroom22,23 sqm
19. Lounge room24,83 sqm
20. Bedroom22,31 sqm
21. Bathroom9,06 sqm
22. Bedroom17,61 sqm
23. Mezzanine38,97 sqm
24. Stairs9,71 sqm
25. Winter garden34,30 sqm
26. Roof terrace71,39 sqm
Total area 604,78 sqm
Projected area 484,1 sqm
  • Plan 1 level apartment
  • Plan 2 level apartment
  • Roof plan
  • Floor plan