Executive penthouse - Type 3

In this apartment you will feel like a guest at a party of the Great Gatsby. There are so many rooms for taking in guests here: kitchen, living room, divided into two zones, guest bedroom with en suite and dressing room - will make your guest feel like a king. The master bedroom also has a walk-in closet and a large bathroom, in which fits the most luxurious jacuzzi. But the main advantage of this apartment are its magnificent terraces! One corner terrace surrounds the apartment, and the second terrace on the roof can be reached directly from your apartment. This penthouse is ready to take the most memorable parties of the capital. Just brilliant!

The apartment is available on 24th floor of Section 2. The windows face east and north.

m m m m m
1 floor
1. Foyer 15.26
2. Cloakroom 2.46 m
3. Bathroom 7.72 m
4. Cloakroom 6.98 m
5. Bedroom 23.92 m
6. Bedroom 18.87
7. Kitchen / Dining Room 22.32
8. Living room 28.89
9. Bedroom 18.98
10. Cloakroom 1.90 m
11. Cloakroom 3.76 m
12. Bathroom 3.43 m
13. Bathroom 4.22 m
14. Terrace 57,38 sq.m
2 floor
15. Stairs 10.56 sq.m
16. Roof Terrace 93,82 sq.m
Total area 320,47 sqm
Projected area 214,6 sqm
  • Plan 1 level apartment
  • Roof plan
  • Floor plan