One-room - Type P1

Despite its compact size, this penthouse offers unique living amenities. Whether you hold a party or a family dinner, the dining room with open-concept kitchen will be an ideal location. As for the bedroom, it is set to become you very own world of comfort – its panoramic windows extend to a lovely private terrace. Wake up with a stunning view of the cityscape or relax after a tough working day watching the night scene below – and feel home.

This penthouse faces west and is available in the 24th floor of Section 1.

1 floor
1. Kitchen/Living room30.80 sqm
2. Bedroom21.26 sqm
3. Bathroom4.25 sqm
4. Foyer5.55 sqm
5. Loggia6.48 sqm
Total area 68,34 sqm
Projected area 65,1 sqm
  • Apartment plan
  • Floor plan