Two-room - Type 2

Spacious and comfortable apartment will be ideal accommodation for a family with children. A special feature of this apartment is a strict separation of private and guest area. Spacious kitchen-living room is created for entertaining and traditional leisure activities for the whole family. The master bedroom and nursery are combined by a common corridor with access to the bathroom, thus creating a separate private space where your family will not be disturbed by occasional guests.

This apartment faces west, and is available in 3-21 floors of Section 2.

1 floor
1. Hall8.77 sqm
2. Bathroom5.07 sqm
3. Kitchen / Living room26,50 sqm
4. Bedroom19,37 sqm
5. Bedroom19,31 sqm
6. Corridor6.56 sqm
7. Bathroom4.18 sqm
8. Balcony2.54 sqm
Total area 92,3 sqm
Projected area 90,52 sqm
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  • Floor plan