One-room - Type 2

This studio apartment will offer its owner everything needed for comfortable life. Optionally, it can be divided into a cozy kitchen-dining room and a spacious bedroom with cloackroom. Watching enchanting sunsets or the night city at panoramic windows and a cup of tea will help you relax after a busy day. In this apartment you will create your own unique living space!

This apartment faces west, and is available in 3-21 floors of Section 2.

1 floor
1. Hall 8.76 sqm
2. Studio 34.53 sqm
3. Cloakroom 2.54 sqm
4. Bathroom 3.91 sqm
5. Balcony 2.54 sqm
Total area 52,28 sqm
Projected area 50,50 sqm
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